Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!

No. I'm not a "Little Orphan Annie" fanatic.  The title refers to the past week...7 days of rain!

A few times I have have seen short glimpses of blue sky- just like I did this morning when I took my routine trip of taking the boys to school.  But the thick clouds would take over the sky again and bring thunder and lightning along with it.

But this morning...the weatherman had forecasted "Sun" for tomorrow!

It shouldn't be a big deal but we had SO MUCH rain in the last few days.  Area schools have had to cancel because of all the flooding.  We've been fortunate in our area and my boys are very disappointed that they are expected to be at school today!

I'm looking forward to some sunshine finally!

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With the past dreary days, I had been able to stay inside and finish "A Thread So Thin" by Marie Bostwick (third in the Cobble Court Quilt series).  And the quick project that I had posted about more than a week ago is taking longer than I thought.  But I'm still trudging through it. I think it will be a practically tool for me...we'll have to see.

The ladies at my local library were aware that my next reading endeavour was the "Twilight" series by Stephanie Meyer. Knowing that I was a quilter and liked to listen to audio-books while I quilted, they had gathered the three books for me. I guess those are some of the perks when the library director is the mother of my youngest son's bestest buddy!!

Now that I've got my ears busy, I have no excuse but finish that "quick" project!


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