Friday, August 14, 2009

Here We Go!!

Hi! This is my very first blog post! I never thought I could get this "techie!" I thought this would be a good way to document my quilting journey. Now that my younger son has started school, it may give my more time to finally finish these quilts that I was once so excited in starting.

I plan on posting my progress and thoughts of the quilt, as I am working on them, along with photos. I jump around to different quilts, so I hope you can follow along with my progress.

Please, feel free to comment or make suggestions on the quilts.

I really don't have an idea of what I am doing, but I plan on having alot of fun!



  1. Hello and welcome to the fun world of blogging. This place is wonderful for making connections and new friends who share the same interests and passions. I'm excited to be your first Follower. Best wishes!
    Connie W

  2. Thank you, Connie. Your blog had helped me decide to start my own. I enjoy yours very much!

    Jane Stamper