Friday, August 21, 2009

Time for School

My younger son started school this year, well, Pre-Kindergarten. He has been watching his older brother going to school for years and now he is so excited that it's his turn.

The school he i going to is the same school my older son had gone when he went to Pre-Kindergarten. My older son had loved his teacher, so for a gift, I had made her a quilt, as a "thank you" for being his very first teacher.

The Pre-Kindergarten is not associated with our public school, it is in the neighboring town. Since my boys are six years apart, it has been six years since I had been that this school. And since it had been that long, I had forgotten about the quilt.

But there it was. On the first day of school, I had seen it hanging over her work area. I was told that she had it up every year. I'm so glad that she has it up in her classroom and I get to see everyday when I take him to school!


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