Friday, August 14, 2009

When I Grow Up...

I've always told my sons to choose a profession they love to do, that way, they will love going to work everyday. Sometimes, it takes a lot longer for some people (me) to realize what they really want to do once they're grown up.

Yes, I love to make quilts - every aspect about it. It would make sense to make it a career, if it was possible. But what aspect of quilting would I specialize in?

I, first, thought it would be fun to be a quilt pattern designer, but the the patterns I would want to create would be too complicated for the beginner quilter. There were also thoughts of becoming a quilt teacher. I have yet taken an official quilt class, so I really don't have an idea on how a class is conducted. Then, there was an idea of being a competitor quilter - those who enter quilt shows and contests and win ribbons, awards, and prizes. Now, this sounded fun!! I had some luck at smaller competitions, like the county fair, but how well would I do in the BIG shows.

So, I had entered one of my quilts in to the AQS Quilt Show and Contest this year to see what would happen. I got this reply:

"With over 700 quilts submitted from around the world, and only a limited amount of available exhibit space in each category, it was a daunting task for our three-member jury to choose among this year's entries. We regret that we are unable to include the above named entry in this year's show."

Maybe it was a very nice way of saying that my quilt still needed a lot of work, I don't know. But I am planning on entering another quilt in the future and maybe then I'll be luckier!

Teaching is still a possibility and there are so many more aspects in this industry that I can fill. I just need to find out for myself where my heart is.


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