Saturday, August 29, 2009

Clean-up Day

Today was a busy day. I had decided that I was going to have to straighten up my sewing area. I had stuff on the floor that it was hard to get from one end to the other. I was working on this for most of the week and I wanted it done by this weekend. I had gotten rid of a lot of items, yet I still have too much stuff. I had made enough room to finally be able to set out my second sewing machine. I had gotten it a few months ago but never had an opportunity to get it out and test it. I have the other sewing machine set up at another area and I plan to use it for my machine quilting.

I used the new machine when sewing my blocks together when I realized that the machine had a blanket stitch option! My other machine doesn't have it. I have blanket-stitched around my applique before but, I bet, machining it would be a lot faster to do. It's not a time to start a new quilt. Maybe, I can find a quilt I had already started and place some blanket stitching using the sewing machine instead!!
When I was pinning my quilt, my younger son had asked if he could have some fabric, too. He wanted to work on his quilt. I had purchased an old plastic toy sewing machine from the Goodwill store a while back. I had bought it for myself but he has claimed it as his. I had found him some fabric but he said he needed some pins in it, like my quilt. Once the pins were in, he was off to work.

I've always wanted a little girl. To share the things that my mom had taught me: sewing, knitting, crocheting, cooking... Being blessed with two boys, they don't want to participate in such "girlie" things. So when he wanted to sew, I had gotten all giddy! I had watched him sew, for all about 15 seconds, and he was off playing with his Power Ranger toys again. My moment didn't last very long. Boys will be boys!

I'm planning to catch up on my sewing and will try to post my progress next time.


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