Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quilt Labels: Part One

I really don't know when I started to put labels on my quilts. I know that my earlier quilts don't have labels. At that time, I guess I didn't think it was that important. I may have started when I was entering them into contests.

But what to name them?? I was clueless and sometimes, even now, I'll have no idea to what to name my quilt. In my first quilts with labels, I made it easy. I named them according to what was going on in my life, at that particular time.

When I was working on this quilt, which I named Sandy's Journey, my aunt had died from cancer when I was finishing it. I was thinking of her journey through chemotherapy and the hardship the family had gone through.

In this next quilt, which I named Jordan Fishies, my son, who was only two years-old at the time, would run his little fingers over the shapes and call them his "fishies."
There are unlimited ways to label your quilts. In my next posts, I'll show you how I, personally, make my labels.


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