Friday, October 22, 2010

Quilt Labels: Part Three

Once the front-facing fabric is securely pinned to the aida cloth, I can start on the letters.
Please excuse the appearance of my hands. Once the photos were taken, I couldn't believe how my hands looked. I should have gave myself a manicure beforehand.

I may not use a hoop, but some people may feel more comfortable with a small hoop.

I can either work from the back using the marked letters as my guide.

Make sure to flip it over to the back side, to make sure there aren't gaps between the stitches.

Or, I can work from the front, This way, I can have a good view of the result. I will need to take a peek at the back to see where the stitches should be placed. *this is the method I prefer*

The holes in the aida cloth will show me exactly where to place my needle.

From the front, I make sure they are no gaps between the stitches. I'll place the needle in where the last stitch ended.

The letter "n" with gaps (what not to do).

The letter "n" without gaps.

The finished hand embroidery. I decided underline the name of the quilt to make it stand out more.

I should have the border placed in the next post.


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