Monday, October 11, 2010


I had intended to just crochet a small sample and look what happened...

I purchased some new yarn (since there wasn't enough of the white) and started again. I just couldn't stop! I had finished this scarf in just two days! I know that it's a very simple pattern but I was so surprised on how quickly it came back to me.

I need to thank Rebecca for helping me, though. She is a crocheting WHIZ! I may know the very basics, I still don't know how to connect the yarn from one skein to the beginning to another or what do you do with the tail once you are done?? She had shown me what to do so that I was able to finish my scarf. And now, I will be visiting Jo-Ann Fabrics soon to purchase some more yarn to make a hooded scarf next time. I'll probably be visiting Rebecca some more!

Crocheting would be a great distraction from those times when I get into a quilting block. I can start on a crocheting project. They seem to go pretty quickly - perhaps I won't have to many UFO's. Or I may have to designate another part of my house for my new yarn stash. Just what I need! More stuff!!


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