Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quilt Labels: Part Two

On my quilts, the information I like to include is:
  • quilt name
  • my name
  • date finished
  • my location
I hand embroider my labels using 14 count aida cloth (used for cross-stitching).
Using a grid, I'll draw out my lettering.

Since it will be centered on the label, I have to count the squares in each line and then divide that number in half. This number will be the center point of that line.
Using a 6 inch square piece of aida cloth, fold it in half to find the center. Mark the center line and lines with a pencil.
The only awkward thing now is to draw the mirror-image of the lettering on the aida cloth. This will be the backside of the label.

I will use a 6 inch square piece of white or off-white fabric as the front-facing fabric of the label. Securing the front-facing fabric to the aida cloth with safety pins, I'll start embroidering the letters with DMC floss. Remember, the letters will be embroidered backwards on the back so the front side will be legible.

Part three up be up soon!


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