Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Quilt Almost Done!

Here is another quilt I worked on since I have to get more fabric for the Sunflower quilt. I have the body of this quilt constructed and still have the border to part on. It looks as if I will have enough fabric to finish it, hopefully by the end of this week. Once the top is finished, I think this will be the first quilt that I'll attempt the machine-quilt--maybe a simple all-over meandering?

This Christmas, I had received a couple of quilty gifts:

One gift was the quilt pattern "Storybook Farm" by McKenna Ryan. It's a beautiful art quilt and it will give me another opportunity to practice machine-quilting. I just love the Hoffman batiks that are used in this quilt. This is just a portion of the fabric. I will have to look for some more when I get the black fabric for the Sunflower quilt.

Another gift was a collection of gradation fabrics. I had an idea for a quilt that used Dresden plate flowers (I seem to be on a Dresden kick!) with tones that faded from dark to light. In my mind, it really sparkled--that remains to be seen. I have constructed just one of the blocks and I have found issues of shadowing with the black background. I will have to make some modifications with that.
And for the Sunflower quilt...I was planning on posting a photo of what I had so far. But I made a booboo. When sewing the rows together, I had stitched some backwards, and the layout was all messed up. I guess I was in a bit of a hurry. I have ripped that seam out and I hope to have it sewn back together tonight.
And don't let me forget, my son had his basketball tournament this last Saturday. Our school placed with second. In the championship game, the score was 21-22, with the other team turning it over at the last 10 seconds! I'm so proud of our team and my superstar son!
Will try to post a quick photo once the Sunflower quilt is fixed.
Til next time,

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