Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've been working with my son to get several of his Cub Scout den's project display ready for this Saturday's Blue & Gold Banquet.

One of the projects was to make a pillow. He had to sew the pillow form, fill it with fiber-fill, and then hand-sew the opening close. Using his favorite color (he picked this bright eye-piercing orange!), we made a no-sew cover with fringe (tied with knots).

Here he is with the completed pillow. He's trying to hide from the camera!

Another project will be some Project Linus quilts. I know, I had to put quilts into it somewhere ! : ) It is part of his community service project. I had his help me make some examples: he had picked the fabrics and colors and he will tie the quilts together for me. It is a good project for the boys to learn about unfortunate children in their area and have some satifaction in helping them out with a small gift that they had made.

I had one more project to make, but it is a project that will me done by me alone. It will be a small gift to the Cubmaster and his wife for all they have done since this is my son's last year in Cub Scouts.
And after this Saturday, he will be done with Scouting and I will have more time to devote to my quilting! Now, I don't mean to be whining about the Cub Scouts, it is a wonderful organization and I am so happy that my son was a part of it for the last five years. As a den leader, the organization told me that all it would take was one hour a week. As you can see, it does take a lot more than that. I give a BIG thanks to all of the volunteers who help our boys, because without them, Cub Scouting just couldn't happen.
In two more years, I'm looking forward to gettting my younger son into Cub Scouting when he is seven years-old. But at that time, I'll be enjoying myself as a parent instead of a Leader. I'll be able to bring my quilting with me at the meetings!!
As soon as I finish with that gift, I'll post a peek of it.
Gotta to get back to work!!

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