Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back to Quilting

I have been in yoyo heaven. With Cub Scouting officially done, I dove into the new quilt!!

Now with more time, I'm hoping to make it to the quilt shop this week, if weather permits. The weather here has been crazy! The beginning of last week started with snow, enough to have two days of school cancellations. The following weekend was beautiful with Sunday's temperature being 61 degrees. Then this morning, we had a 2 hour delay because of fog. Wednesday, there's a chance of snow again! I have two quilts on the verge of being sandwiched together, then it's to machine quilting (my scary part). I'm hoping to go, so that I may have two more quilt to that level soon.

This what was consuming most of my time last week, my display for the Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts. I had some of our projects we had done this year along with some photos. It may not look like much, but most of illustrations and lettering were done by hand, by me!

I was most proud of the Project Linus quilts that my son helped me make.

The Banquet was followed by the Pinewood Derby. It is a car race where the scout and his parent make a car using a block of wood. Both of our boys didn't do as well as they had in the past years. We (Dad and I) thought we had a great car design that would do wonders, but it didn't work quite well as we were hoping for. I was very proud of my older son because he was very mature about it. The fun part of it all was racing with your friends. My five year-old didn't take it so well. I guess he was expecting to place again this year. But he did win "Most Creative" in his group (his was the tongue car!).
It's this time of year, after the Pinewood Derby that my husband and I try to think up car designs for next year...but there is NO next year. I've already have some ideas, one being a bed with a pillow and a quilt on it! Maybe we'll use it in two years, when my younger son will start Cub Scouts. Now, I don't know just how cool the boys will think it will be!

Okay, enough of Cub Scouting!

Will post later with my new purchases!


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  1. Hi Jane,

    It's great to hear from you. I hope you have had a great day...

    Re: Fons& Porter - I am a bit apprehensive since I am doing two flannel quilts. I guess I will worry about it when I get there... :)