Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Snow Day

We were stuck at home today. The boys were home from school, again, due to the wintry weather. And I was determined to get something accomplished.

We had a movie day. They seemed to be content and occupied watching their DVD's. And it was perfect for me to do some mindless quilt marking.

Although my Round the Block quilt is coming along well, I still need to add more rows to it. During the movie, I could sit with my boys, watch/listen to the movie, and mark-out the quilt pieces for the blocks. Once they are marked, I'll cut them out, pin them together, and get them to the sewing machine sometime in the near future.

It's pretty simple work. I'm using my handy dandy plastic margarine lid templates, again! I just marked the fabric with square grids for the templates to be marked in. Both parts of the block are marked in each square. It was the best layout, with the least waste, that that I could think of.

Even though winter has pretty much just started, I am already sick of it. I'm ready for the approaching warm weather... I can look forward to that in about three more months. Three months of wishful thinking! Oh, boo who. I'm just so pitiful!


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