Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No More Snow Days!!

Here in southern Indiana, we've had another snow storm. Nothing tremendous, but enough to slip and slide along the roads and the kids had to stay home from school.

I had just a little time to myself today. With both of them home, I've had to make sure they were busy with something, otherwise they will find each other and start pestering one another. I just don't know if it's the age difference (the older thinks the younger is a big baby, the younger thinks the older is bossy- both are right!) or if that's the way brothers are.

But wouldn't you know, it was announced that we have another school cancellation for tomorrow. I think we will do something productive, such as cleaning their room, sweeping the floor, so I can feel like I'm actually getting something done tomorrow!

I'm really going to try to fit in some quilt-work for tomorrow, one way or another. Just breathe, just breathe!


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