Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Block of the Month Obsession

I just can't resist a good Block of the Month pattern... especially when it's free. What could be better, a new block every month!

It's only the first of January and I had already found two that I just fell in love with!

The first one is from Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs ( She has done other BOM's in the past: 2010's Snowbound (great for fans of snowmen) and 2009's A Tisket A Tasket (just for basket lovers). This year's BOM is named Henrietta Whiskers.

It features a cute little squirrel. I just love Anne's design style and her applique work. This is her third free BOM that I have printed out and I'm sure this year will surely be equally impressive.

The next one is from the The Quilt Show ( Now, I apologize. The Quilt Show is a membership site. You have to pay a fee to access special aeras in the site (such as this BOM) but there is still a lot to see even if your not a member (I love their Daily Blog!).

2011's Ruffled Roses is The Quilt Show's fifth BOM. Sue Garman has been the designer for each one (looovvve her work!). I've printed out their 2008's Bouquets for a New Day and 2009's Stars for a New Day and I even I even attempted to start Stars for a New Day. I have most of the fabric purchased but there is just one fabric that I cannot locate. I didn't start this quilt right away, so a lot of the fabrics that were used in the quilt has vanished by that time.

I'm not sure when I'll start either one of these quilts. I love the start of a new quilt project (the fabric searching, fabric cutting, the piecing...) but I've got to get those UFO's out of the way!!!! For now, I'll just print out the patterns each month and stash them away for later- maybe get some fabric from time to time ;p!


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