Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two Drunkard's Path Quilts

Even though is seems slow going, I've been trying to get these UFO's finished and out of the way. I need to get them to a quilt-top stage. I feel that they are no longer UFO's when they are that close to being quilted.

I've been working on my Round the Block quilt and I remembered that I also had another Drunkard's Path design quilt stashed away.

Round the Block is machine-pieced and arranged in the traditional setting. It's made as a two color-way in red and white.

Spring Bloomers (it's preliminary name so far) is hand-pieced (applique) and set in a floral-like setting (or at least that was how I was wanting it to look like). It is made with Susan Branch's fabric named Tea Party.

To compare the two methods of construction, machine-pieced and hand-applique, I enjoy both.

Machine-piecing seems to go a lot faster but I can get bored with all the chain-stitching. I can't stand doing the same thing over and over and over again.

With hand-appliqueing, I like the idea that I have some hand work while I'm watching TV. Although I am still repeating the same step over and over again (applique, applique, applique...), I seem to tolerate it a lot better than sitting at the sewing machine.

If time permits, I'll have some more piecing done and some photos taken of them.


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